You will be trained by 12 best presenters from all over the world, among them there are winners of international competitions and championship judges. Specially for you they come from the US, China, Europe and Russia.

Each presenter is a professional in their direction. Therefore, if you are a beginner and just starting to practice, you will get standard lessons from those who know what to do in order to achieve success as quickly as possible. You will be given a lot of attention and will show those elements that will be on the shoulder for you!

If you are already a pro and dream of gold medal at international competitions, then who do you have to learn from, as not from the winners. You will be loaded under the full program, learn new complex elements, and also they will read lectures on how to train and how to win!

Dmitryi Fedotov
Dmitry is a creative pole dancer, winner of many international competitions.
Coco Ke Hong
He dances for 5 years already. He became a champion on the third year of training.
Phoenix Kazree
Phoenix professionally dances and gives dance classes since the end of high school.
Slan Silver Bullet
His goal is to make pole-dance and exotic-pole-dance as interesting as possible.
Delia Ceruti
The main specialization of Delia is aerial acrobatics, striking with a vivid originality of performance.
Ekaterina Vyatkina
Ekaterina is a three-time champion of the Urals and the champion of Russia in aerial gymnastics.
Svetlana Yurchak
«Exotic of the Year» in 2016 by the version of PDInfo readers, winner of prestigious awards.
Eva Bembo
Eva is a respected and sought-after judge of the world championships in Pole dance.
Miranda Walker
She performs a dizzying array of spins, drops and rolls that will leave your brain reeling.
Konstantin Kosovec
His main disciplines are rope, silks and manipulation of objects.
Mario Turco
1-Place Single/Double Expert and «Exotic King» at Exotic Pole Dance Contest 2017.
Oona Kivela
Oona Kivelä is a world champion athlete who competes in the sport of pole art.