Ekaterina Vyatkina

Ekaterina Vyatkina is a circus artist and teacher of pole dance and aerial gymnastics on canvases. She is a three-time champion of the Urals and the champion of Russia in aerial gymnastics.

Winner of the «Artist is a Calling» in 2015 in the «circus artist» category. Ekaterina graduated from the Sverdlovsk College of Art and Culture, specializing in Circus Art, where she also began actively studying choreography and mastering the genre of «canvas».

From 2009 to 2011 she worked in the circus in the team of Ruslan Anatolyevich Marchevsky. Achievements:

  • Prizewinner of the Urals Cup in pole dance in the «dance on canvases» category
  • The third place in the Open championship of Chelyabinsk in the artistic pole dance, «professionals» category
  • The first place in the qualifying round of the championship of Russia Pole Sport Russia, «professionals» category
  • The first place in the Open Championship in acrobatics on the pole Pole Sport, «professionals» category
  • Finalist of the All-Russian competitions in pole acrobatics Miss & Mister Pole Dance Russia
  • The first place in the city qualifying rounds in Pole dance (prof), and the first place in dance on canvases category
  • Silver medalist Miss & Mister Pole Dance Russia, Ural