Ke Hong Coco

Ke Hong Coco is a very talented and hardworking dancer. He hasn't any dancer background. He's been in touch with pole dance for 5 years. He became champion during his third year of practicing pole dance.

And he became the worldwide champion in 2016, amazing IPSAF pole sport world champion 2017.He created many of his own signature tricks. And his combos are quite different than others dancers with more control.

  • Chinese national pole dance team captain
  • Yuan Gan Cultural Pole Dance team National spokesperson
  • Xpert Certified instructors
  • China pole dance team best record holder
  • Famous as the most beautiful male pole dancer
  • 2017 APC Singapore Champion
  • 2107 Russia Pole sports guest performance
  • 2017 (POSA )IPSAF Liechtenstein pole sport pole championships Champion man's
  • 2017 Pole Star Russia Novosibirsk Judge
  • 2017 China Pole dance Championships Judge
  • 2017 China PCS (Pole Championship Series )Judge
  • 2017 Pole art France 3rd
  • 2017 APC (Singapore Asia Pole championship 2nd Runner up)
  • 2016 world pole dance championships man's champion Romania
  • 2016 World Pole Dance Championships (WPDC)men's
  • Single champion
  • 2016 China Pole Dance Championships (CPDC) men’s single Championship
  • 2016 Airstars Pole men’s Champion, Overall Champion
  • 2015 Singapore SG Pole Challenge Men’s Champion, Overall fit champion
  • 2015 Hongkong Airstars Men’s Champion, Overall champion, Best costume
  • 2015 China Pole Dance Championships (CPDC) men’s single Champion
  • 2015 World Pole Dance Championships (WPDC) men’s single second runner-up
  • 2014 China Pole Dance Championships (CPDC) men’s single second runner-up