Konstantin Kosovec

Artist of the modern circus. Participated in more than 10 performances over the past 6 years as part of the creative team, as project manager or in episodes together with the leading choreographers and directors of Lithuania.

Most of the projects include the combination of circus disciplines, modern dance and theater. Semifinalist of the show of talents of Lithuania in 2017 (silks and ropes).

  • Presenter for the «Mypolecamp» in Nizhny Novgorod 2014-2017
  • Judge of the «ZeroGravity» Air Art Festival 2017
  • 1 st place «Pole Emotion» 2016
  • Guest «Pole Art Estonia» 2015

He took refresher courses in Rogelio Rivel (Barcelona Spain) school and Flick (Turin, Italy).

His main disciplines are rope, silks and manipulation of objects, and secondary - modern dance, belts, acrobatics and pole.