Slan Silver Bullet

36 years old. Started breakdancing in 1999, joined contests and battles with his crew «DEAD FLIES CREW» since 2000. In 2006 stopped practices after mulriple knee injuries. Started his recovering since 2009 with dancing, workout and gimbarr (bar tricks discipline). Poledancing since 2011.

He created groups in social nets like «Pole Extreme & Advanced Tricks» (2012-2016) and his favorite projects «EXOTIC WITCHES» and «POLE COLLEGE». Now Slan is one of the most wellknown methodists of poledance\floormoves for exotic and movement itself in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

He made a lot of tutorials for poledancers and collaborations with other athletes. Now he continue enjoying poledance, breakdance, gimbarr, handstands, floorwork, experimental dance and other interesting things for body and mind. Judging a lot of exotic and artistic poledance contests.

  • 1997-2006 + till now - breakdancing\bboying\judging
  • since 2010 - gimbarr (street bar tricks)
  • since 2011 - pole-tricking, pole fitness, chinese pole tricks

He had many projects with all famous russian and ukrainian polers, and travelled a lot of cities across Russia with workshops since 2013. Creator of "EXOTIC WITCHEZ» competitions in 2015-2016, joined different summer pole camps 2014-2016 as trainer.

About my workshops: «You don't need to learn all the tricks for 1.5 hour of Workshop RIGHT NOW:)) Even if you are a beginner, this information is for you to developing the skills. If you are a coach - information for you: how to improve your skills, to make new combos, or to teach the students the optimal technique of tricks for the shortest time.

In the description of Workshop, I always says: TAKE PENS AND PAPER, WE WILL WRITE A LOT FOR THE FUTURE! We will write down the most important moments, that you'll be able to use your notes during your study.

The plan is: you listen to the theory - try to practice - write the main points - I answer your questions. The most complicated things are divided into simple points with examples and variations.

The style of teaching like «do what I show you, and it is so because it is so» does not work. Difficult and power tricks require a complex approach, with explanations of «what and how» and with analyzing mistakes.

If you are a beginner and you don't understand many things, you'll be able to work with the information from my workshop in the future. It will help you to avoid mistakes, to preserve the health and progress quickly.

People see only the final complex element and they are frightened. They have no any idea how to do this trick. But if they analyze every part of the trick (or element)».